Around the world: Lebanese

Lebanese food has to be one of the most vibrant and freshest cuisines. Originating from the influences of Syria, it is always prepared with generous amounts of parsley, garlic, olive oil, lemon for added zing, and a touch of love. The cuisine also favours poultry and red meats, such as lamb. Other staples include rice, beans, and nuts.

Around the world: Lebanese

What to order?

Fattoush: Salad with toasted pita bread, cucumbers, tomatoes, chickweed and mint
Kibbeh: The national dish of Lebanon and comes in different forms but is always a mix of ground lamb or beef with burghul and minced onions. The most common is when it’s deep fried croquette stuffed with minced beef or lamb. It can also be eaten raw like a steak tartar known as Kibbeh nayyah.
Fatteh: Often a breakfast dish where the Lebanese flat bread is topped with yoghurt, steamed chickpeas, olive oil, and sometimes hommus.
Manaeesh: Mini pizzas that are usually folded or rolled up into itself and topped with simple toppings such as tomatoes, minced meat, labne, and oregano
Baklava: A popular dessert layered with filo pastry, pistachio nuts, and rose water syrup, and then served cut in triangle or diamond shape.

Where to eat?

30B Haldon Street
Lakemba, Sydney

Al Aseel
183 Waterloo Rd
Greenacre, Sydney

Alba’s Pastries
48-52 Railway Parade
Granville, Sydney

Yagoona Lebanese Bakery
124 Highland Avenue
Yagoona, Sydney

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