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Chive dumplings
Chive dumplings

Teo Chew, otherwise referred to as Chiu Chow, is an ancient Chinese dialect that originated from the eastern region of the Guangdong province of China. It’s a common dialect spoken by people with Chinese descent in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. While it may not have its own country to claim, Teo Chew cuisine is just as distinctive as the language.

What to order?

Oyster omelette: Eaten more so as a snack than as part of a meal.
Braised meats: This can range from pork, duck, offal, and even bean curd, being stewed in soy sauce and star anise until the flavours are soaked up by the meats.
Chive dumplings: Unlike the normal dumpling, these are more like pancakes stuffed with chives, but sometimes taro and mince, as well as Chinese cabbage. They can either be steamed or pan-fried for a crispy texture.
Char Kuay Teow: Translated as stir fry noodles, it is commonly found on menus of Malaysian restaurants. The flat rice noodles are mixed in with vegetables, egg, prawns, slices of Chinese sausage, and bean sprouts

Where to eat?

Phnom Penh Teo Chew Noodle House
Stall B2
Dixon House Food Court
Cnr Dixon and Little Hay Streets
Haymarket, Sydney

Dong Son
44 Park Road
Cabramatta, Sydney

Dong Vu
20-22 Hughes Street
Cabramatta, Sydney

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