At the table with: Gary Mehigan

At the table with_Gary Mehigan
Restauranteur, chef, and author Gary Mehigan.

Whether you have an avid interest in cooking, or not, there’s a likely chance Gary Mehigan has appeared on your television. The MasterChef Australia judge is set to return with fellow judges George Calombaris and Matt Preston for the seventh season of the show, shortly to air on Channel 10.

When not on television, Mehigan is hanging out in the kitchen of his very own restaurant, The Boathouse, located on the banks of the Maribyrnong River in Melbourne. He is also the author of two cookbooks: Comfort Food and Favourites: Over 100 Recipes to Cook at Home.

Who is your inspiration?
My grandfather. He was a chef and he was always a source of great inspiration for me. He trained Rick Stein back in the day!

What’s currently in your pantry?
Lots of chilli: Chilli paste, chilli jams, and chilli sauces from all around the world.

What’s in your fridge?
I always have my Brita water jug in the fridge, along with some Kimchi in an airtight container left over from my recent trip to South Korea, where we filmed an episode of my new show Far Flung.

Best thing to come out of the microwave
I don’t own one.

What did you last eat?
I made my daughter one of her favourites from my new cookbook, Favourites: Jenna’s egg and lemon soup in. She loves it.

Where do you like to go for a feed?
I love Gazi, and breakfast at Fergus. Market Lane at the Prahran Market does a great coffee too; always a strong flat white for me.

When I’m not cooking, I’m…
Spending time with my family. Nothing better.

Butter, margarine, a mix, or neither?
Butter all the way.

Tools I can’t live without
I adore my microplane, and of course my Ariston Oven, it cooks everything to perfection.

Cookbooks I always return to…
I have a massive library of cookbooks. I’m quite proud of how extensive it is. They’re all my favourites as I turn to them all at different times.

Check back on Thursday for a recipe from Gary.

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