In the pantry: Pepper

Much like its friend salt, pepper is also often found at the dinner table used for extra seasoning.

In the pantry: Pepper

Pepper comes from the fruit, known as drupes, and when it is dried it is referred to as a peppercorn. Native to South Asia and Southeast Asia, the three most common types of peppers are: Black, white, and green. While they are actually from the same berries, they are just harvested at different stages of ripeness. With this in mind, each type of pepper has its own flavours. Black pepper is the most commonly used one, while people often cook with white pepper to make sauces and soups. Green peppercorns are much milder in flavour and so are used in more delicate dishes.

Three dish ideas for pepper:

  1. Pepper sauce
  2. Thai green curry
  3. Mapo Tofu

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