Around the world: Argentinian

Around the world: Argentinian

Argentinian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean influences, mostly Italian and Spanish. To that, the Argentinians love their barbecued meats; in fact it’s a staple in their diet. Asado, which the barbecuing technique they use, is often grilling up some Chorizo, morcilla, otherwise known as blood sausage, as well as sweetbreads known as mollejas. Influences from Italy are obvious when pasta makes it to the dining table. But no matter what it is, dining will always be used as an excuse for a social gathering with friends, neighbours, and the extended family.

What to order?

Empanadas: Often a starter to a meal, this pastry is usually baked and stuffed with meat, cheese, and even sometimes fish, such as tuna or mackerel.
Carne de vaca: Beef
Carne de cordero: Lamb
Chimichurri: A refreshing sauce of herbs, often parsley, garlic and vinegar, best eaten with meat to cut through the fat.
Mate: A traditional non-alcoholic drink, almost like a bitter version of an Asian green tea.
Dulce de leche: A caramel like paste that is often used to fill cakes, pastry, or as a spread on some toast.

Where to eat?

Gaucho Grill
73 Stanley Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney

310 Liverpool Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney

La Torre Cake Shop
1/9 Nelson Street
Fairfield, Sydney

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