Around the world: Korean

Around the world: Korean

The cornerstone of Korean cuisine is rice, vegetables, and meats. Sounds basic enough, right? But for every meal Koreans are always after a balance of spice, texture, and temperature. Often accompanying the main meals are pan-fried pancakes, and banchan, otherwise known as side dishes, and this can range from pickled, marinated, or parboiled vegetables, which are for communal sharing at a table. Some would say banchan can make up its own meal, as the number of them vary from two to a dozen at one time. Koreans are also known for their various cooking methods, including barbecue, stewing, pickling, panfry, and deep-frying.

What to eat?

Kimichi: The most popular banchan. It is a spicy preserved cabbage, which sometimes require an acquired taste.
Bulgogi: Thinly sliced beef sirloin that has been marinated in soy sauce, sugar, seasame oil, garlic, and pepper, and is best eaten when it has been cooked over a barbecue.
KFC: The Koreans have claimed this acronym as their own for Korean Fried Chicken. Often consumed as bar food in Korea, KFC comes served with pickled radishes to help cut through any grease, and best had with a pint of beer.
Japchae: Potato noodles stirfried with beef, vegetables, and soy sauce.
Jjigae: A stew that is often a shared dish and varies in flavour, including kimchi, tofu, or using soybean paste. But it’s often mixed in with some noodles, vegetables, seafood, and tofu.

Where to eat?

Se Jong Korean BBQ Buffet
8 London Street
Campsie, Sydney

678 Korean BBQ
1/396 Pitt Street

Jean’s Chilli Chicken
Eastwood Hotel
115 Rowe Street
Eastwood, Sydney

Jonga Jip
87 Rowe Street
Eastwood, Sydney

Red Pepper
Strathfield Sports Club
4A Lyons Street
Strathfield, Sydney

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