Around the world: Turkish

Around the world: Turkish

Turkish cuisine is commonly referred to as the food of the Ottoman Empire, which succeeded much of the Middle East and North Africa between the 12th to 19th Century. It is often confused for Lebanese cuisine but there are some clear distinctions between the two. The Turkish love grilling their food, particularly over charcoal, whether it’s skewered meats, chilli, or tomatoes. They also borrow inspiration from their neighbours of Greece, and often use eggplant, lamb, chicken, and lentil in their cooking.

What to order?

Menemen: A traditional breakfast one-pan dish prepared with eggs, tomatoes, capsicum, and onions.
Mercimek çorbasi: A lentil soup, which is another traditional breakfast food.
Pide: Essentially a Turkish pizza, Pide is flat bread often topped with minced meat, or cheese and egg.
Gozleme: A savoury pastry and often filled with meat, spinach or cheese.
Kofte: There are different variations of this dish in terms of flavours, but at the end of the day it means meatballs.
Ayran: A popular yoghurt drink, often served cold and is refreshing during summer.

Where to eat

Real Turkish Delight
Shop 1
3-5 Station Street
Auburn, Sydney

Mado Café
63 Auburn Road
Auburn, Sydney

New Star Kebabs
15 Auburn Street
Auburn, Sydney

By the way, keep on the lookout for a gozleme food stalls at your next local festival!

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