At the table with: Dominique Rizzo

At the table with: Dominique Rizzo

Remember that mid-afternoon cooking show, Ready Steady Cook? If you do, then Dominique Rizzo may look familiar to you. But if you don’t, then you’ll want to know aside from being a television personality, Rizzo is also chef and owner of Putia: Pure Food Kitchen, School and Pantry in Brisbane, Queensland.

Rizzo is also the author of My Taste of Sicily, a cookbook where she has shared some family recipes from her Sicilian heritage.

Who is your inspiration?
As a chef, I really admire what Jamie Oliver is doing, and what he has done for community awareness in healthy eating and also creating a change for our next generation of budding cooks. The other person who inspires me is my mum. She has always been 100% supportive of everything I have ever wanted to do, and her encouragement when I was younger gave me the determination to achieve anything I dreamt of.

What’s currently in your pantry?
Nuts, seeds, peeled tomatoes, lots of Asian ingredients for dressings, vinegars, oils, organic crackers, vegetable stock, chickpeas, and a variety of legumes.

What’s in your fridge?
Fresh eggs from my chickens, hummus, beetroot and pomegranate dip, tofu, Asian greens, capers, olives, preserved lemons, coconut water, pomegranate juice, papaya, peppercorns, relishes and chilli pastes, and miso paste.

Best thing to come out of the microwave
I don’t use one.

What did you last eat?
One of our super food juices from my restaurant Putia Pure Food; it was a blend of pineapple, turmeric, macadamia nuts, flaxseeds, and coconut water – yum!

Where do you like to go for a feed?
I am a grazer and love to have options when I go out for dinner so I love the variety in Chinatown in the Valley, Southbank, and I always love to catch up with friends at the Eat Street Markets in Portside. I really love healthy fresh food with a twist so Sourced Grocer, Plenty West End, and Kunara Organic Café in Nundah are my three favourites.

When I’m not cooking, I’m…
Serving, eating, writing, and thinking about what to do with food.

Butter, margarine, a mix or neither?
Neither do I eat personally. I cook with butter and olive oil in the restaurant, but personally at home I only use olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, flaxseed, nut butters, fresh avocado, and hummus as spreads.

Tools I can’t live without
My microplane, and my mini KitchenAid and Kenwood blenders.

Cookbooks I always return to
Stephanie Alexanders’ Cooks Companion, all of Yotam Ottolenghi’s books, a basic CWA womens cook book, and mine.

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