Around the world: Bangladeshi

Around the world: Bangladeshi

Often easily mistaken as Indian food, Bangladeshi cuisine in its own right is made up of diverse and complex flavours. While Indian cuisine does influence Bangladeshi food, so does Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian flavours, too. This explains why rice, fish, and dal are the main staples of Bangladesh. They also often use ghee, turmeric, garlic, chilli powder, ginger, and cumin and mustard seeds in their cooking. Desserts and confectionary are also popular , and often an essentially way to round off a meal.

What to order?

Fuska: A snack crisp ball stuffed with boiled potato mixed with roasted spices. It’s a popular street food eaten mainly in the afternoon as a snack, or as part of a meal with some roti and dal.
Bhaji: Vegetable fritters.
Jalfrezi: A curry with marinated pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables that have often been fried off to create a dry thick sauce.
Bhorta: Depending on the type, whether it’s eggplant bhorta or fish bhorta, it’s a mash potato like consistency dish seasoned with chilli, ghee, shallots and other spices.
Gulab jamun: A milk-solids based dessert balls soaked in sugary syrup with rose water.

Where to eat?

Bang Street Food
3/410 Crown Street
Surry Hills, Sydney

Fuska House
102 Railway Street
Rockdale, Sydney

Hut Bazzar
98 Railway Street
Rockdale, Sydney

Banoful Restaurants and Sweets
49 Railway Parade
Lakemba, Sydney

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