At the table with: Albert Iacono

Since leaving corporate life more than 10 years ago, Albert Iacono and his brother, Anthony, have built up their own chain of restaurants and cafes in Sydney. But their first one was Bertoni Casalinga that opened in Balmain serving their mum’s Italian recipes, and they have since stayed true to that.

They have also decided to share their family recipes that have been passed on from generations in their cookbook, I eat only Bertoni.

At the table with: Albert Iacono
Bertoni is a family business run by two brothers. (L-R: Anthony Iacono and Albert Iacono)

Who is your inspiration?
My mother who taught me to cook.

What’s currently in your pantry?
Flour for the family pizza weekend, canned tomatoes for pasta sauce, and Grissini snacks for the kids

What’s in your fridge?
Salumi just bought for the pizza.

Best thing to come out of the microwave
Reheated minestrone.

What did you last eat?
Baked slow cooked lamb shoulder

Where do you like to go for a feed?
Little Sicily in Leichhardt, Sydney.

When I’m not cooking, I’m…
Watching and reading news and cooking shows.

Butter, margarine, a mix or neither?
Olive oil only please!

Tools I can’t live without
My Japanese chef knife.

Cookbooks I always return to
I only eat Bertoni because it’s all of mum’s recipes in one book.

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