Around the world: Japanese

Around the world: Japanese

The most common reaction people have to Japanese food is that they often immediately think sushi and sashimi. This is mainly because fish is such a staple when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and while it can be served raw, the Japanese also enjoy it grilled. The other thing the Japanese rely on is fresh ingredients, and are known to favour seasonal produces when cooking. Apart from rice, noodles such as udon and soba are primary staples of the Japanese diet. But like most countries, Japanese cooking has been influenced by the western cuisine, which has introduced burgers, curry, and even pasta to their cooking repertoire. For flavouring, ingredients such as soy sauce, miso, and mirin are most common.

What to order?

Gyoza: Dumplings filled with ground meat and vegetables
Okonomiyaki: A savoury pancake containing a variety ingredients
Tonkatsu: breaded deep-fried pork cutlet
Yakitori: Grilled chicken
Shabu-shabu: Sliced beef boiled in hot water
Ramen: A wheat noodle dish served in either a meat- or fish-based broth, often flavoured with soy sauce or miso
Yakisoba: Stir-fry thin buckwheat noodles that can be eaten hot or cold

Where to eat?

73 Miller Street
North Sydney

Ryo’s Noodles
125 Falcon Street
Crows Nest, Sydney

Jugemu and Shimbashi
246 Military Road
Neutral Bay, Sydney

Izakaya Fujiyama
Shop G09, 38-52 Waterloo Street
Surry Hills, Sydney

Masu Izakaya
Shop B01/35-39 Liverpool Street

Raita Noda
Suite 1, 222 Riley Street
Surry Hills, Sydney

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