Around the world: Maltese

Around the world: Maltese

At quick glance, a Maltese menu could easily be mistaken for an Italian one, mainly because the Italians have heavily influenced how the Maltese cook. Other past visitors of the country, including the French, English, Germans, and Arabs have also left their mark in the Maltese kitchen. With that, the Maltese often use herbs, olives, anchovies, and soft cheese in their cooking. They’re also fans of pork dishes and rabbit.

What to order?

Pastizzi: An addictive savoury pastry often eaten as a snack, and traditionally filled with either ricotta or mushy peas.
Ravioli: The Maltese version of ravioli is often softer and larger in size than Italian ones. When available, it’s often stuffed with soft cheese known as ġbejniet instead of ricotta.
Stuffat tal-fenek: When translated this means Maltese rabbit stew. It’s the national dish where rabbit has been slowly braised in a tomato sauce and cooked with pasta.
Puddina: Borrowing from the English, the Maltese have their own version of bread and butter pudding that features chocolate and plenty of dried fruits.

Where to eat?

The Original Maltese Café
310 Crown Street
Darlinghurst, Sydney

Pastizzi Café
523 King Street
Newtown, Sydney

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