Around the world: Moroccan

Around the world: Moroccan

The most popular ingredient to come out of Moroccan cuisine is couscous, mainly because it can be added to salads or even used to soak up all the extra sauce of any stewed dish. But Moroccan cuisine is more than just about this wheat staple. The Mediterranean-Arab influenced cuisine often use ingredients that are commonly seen in either Mediterranean or Middle Eastern cooking, including saffron, olives, lemons, paprika, dates, and lemons. They also much prefer communal style of eating, and meal times are often a social gathering with family and friends.

What to order?

Tagine: A slow-cooked stew that is cooked in a clay earthware pot. The stew can consist of any meat – often cheaper cuts because they stew better – fruits, olives, and preserved lemons and spices.
Zaalouk: An eggplant and tomato like chutney salad.
Pastilla: A Moroccan meat pie filled often with chicken, fish, or offal, and is wrapped with pastry similar to filo pastry.
Harira: A tomato and lentil soup.
Mint tea: It is the Moroccan drink of choice, and often a way to finish any meal. It’s usually heavily sweetened with sugar.

Where to eat?

379 Darling St
Balmain, Sydney

Out of Africa
43-45 East Esplanade
Manly, Sydney

Meze Me
249 Annagrove Road
Annagrove, Sydney

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