Around the world: Nigerian

Around the world: Nigerian

Given that Nigeria is located along the cost of West Africa, the nation favours eating local fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. The most common cooking methods are boiling or deep-frying. Staples of a Nigerian diet are rice or starchy vegetables such as yam, cassava, sweet potatoes, and plantains. They also enjoy using hot chilli to give a nice kick to their dishes, and also use ghee in their cooking.

What to order?

Fufu: A staple in the Nigerian diet is grounded yam that has been mashed, steamed, and rolled into a ball.
Kpof kpof: Translated as ‘puff puff’, this is a deep-fried Nigerian fluffy snack, almost like savoury doughnut balls.
Jollof rice: This is a tomato rice dish commonly brought to parties or for Sunday family gatherings. It is slowly cooked, and is often served with meat such as chicken or fish.
Egusi soup: A thick stew-like soup with grounded melon seeds, and contains leafy vegetables and meat.

Where to eat?

African Feeling
1/501 King Street
Newtown, Sydney

Lat-Dior African Eatery
150 Enmore Lane
Enmore, Sydney

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