At the table with: Lola Berry

Nutrition queen and food blogger Lola Berry is never keeping still. If she’s not doing yoga or out and about for a walk, she’s often making TV and radio appearances talking about how people can be healthy and creative in the way they cook.

She’s also the author of a handful of cookbooks that focus on health and wellness recipes. These include The Happy Cookbook, The 20/20 Diet Cookbook, and The 20/20 Diet.

Along with celebrity chef Miguel Maestre, Berry is also the brand ambassador of Moro Olive Oil, and Community Table recently caught up with her at the Moro Eat Life Up! event in Sydney.

At the table with: Lola Berry

Who is your inspiration?
Anybody who is living their true passion unapologetically. I like people like Steve Irwin, my dad, and Jamie Oliver.

What’s currently in your pantry?
Obviously, Moro olive oil, but given it’s winter I have lots of garlic, I’m also obsessed with chilli, and I’m also going through a phase of loving kangaroo at the moment. I’m a nerd for green smoothies too so spirulina and barley grass are always there.

What do you keep in your fridge?
At the moment I’m going through a brussel sprouts phase, and I have them with sardines in the mornings, otherwise I put them with salmon. There’s also always kale because I love them. I always make energy balls so I always keep them in my fridge or freezer — at the moment I have lemon pie bites.

Best thing to come out of the microwave
I don’t really use a microwave. I would reheat on the stove normally.

Where do you like to go for a feed?
At the moment I have an addiction to this chai, cashew smoothie from Orchard Street in Paddington, but they also do really nice raw cakes. Bondi Harvest is another awesome place, and same with Bondi Wholefoods.

What was your last meal?
I had my brussel sprouts and sardines, but I was extra hungry so I cracked an egg on top and added some kale.

When you’re not cooking…
I love yoga, and I love nature, so my favourite thing in the world is biophilia, which basically means the power of humans on nature. I’m such a nature nerd I’ve just come back from hiking in New Zealand.

Butter, margarine, both or neither?
Olive oil, but butter always.

Tools I can’t live without…
I love my Vitamix or really any blender. I have a green paw paw grater, but I use it to make slices for my zucchini pasta.

Cookbooks I always return to
There’s this one from New York and it’s called BabyCakes, which features gluten-free recipes. I also always return to Jamie’s stuff, but I love that real rustic food you find with recipe books from Three Blue Ducks and The Veggie Patch.

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