In the pantry: Nutmeg

In the pantry: Nutmeg

Who says size matters, right? Nutmeg may be small, but it really can add a whole lot of flavour with just a tiny amount. This seed, which comes from a native Indonesian evergreen tree, can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes including soups, baked goods, meatloaf, and even curries. Many like to use it for its warm, nutty, slightly bitter, and slightly sweet flavours, much similar to how cinnamon and cloves are used. It can either be sold whole or grounded. When sold whole, people often grate just a pinch size into the dish.

Three recipe ideas using nutmeg:

  1. Mexican spiced hot chocolate by Gimme Some Oven
  2. Homemade pumpkin butter by Nutmeg Nanny
  3. Grenadian nutmeg chicken by That Girl Cooks Healthy

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