Around the world: Fijian

(Credit: Tomoaki Inaba)
(Credit: Tomoaki Inaba)

Given the location of Fiji in the South Pacific, the country’s food is an amalgamation of influences from neighbouring countries including Polynesian, Chinese, and Indian. To reflect these influences, staples of a Fijian diet consists of coconut, fish, rice, taro, cassava, and sweet potatoes. They also tend to utilise spices to create colourful curries, similar to Indian cuisine, but with a more stew-like consistency.

What to eat?

Vegetable pakoras: Deep-fried batter of either onion, eggplant, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, or potato
Kokoda: White fish cured in lemon juice before its dressed in coconut milk
Chicken chop suey: A saucy stir-fry of chicken, cabbage, onion
Lassi: A yoghurt drink made up of a blend of yoghurt, water, and furit.

Where to eat?

Fiji Style Desi Dhaba
1/28-34 Railway Street
Liverpool, Sydney

Akash Pacific Cuisine
102 Moore Street
Liverpool, Sydney

Rama’s Restaurant
Shop 6, Pearce Shopping Centre
Cnr Macfarland and Hodgson Crescent
Pearce, Canberra

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