Around the world: Serbian

Around the world: Serbian

Serbian food falls into what is referred to as Balkan cuisine, namely made up of countries that are considered southeast to eastern European – think Croatian and Bosnian. Given the crossovers, Serbian shares plenty of cooking characteristics with other Balkan countries, as well as the Greeks, Turkish, and central Europeans, such as Hungarian. The Serbians enjoy all types of meat cooking different ways whether it’s smoked, grounded, or grilled. They also favour using pastry in their cooking whether to make a pita or their version of a crossiant.

What to order?

Pljeskavica: Ground beef or pork patty
Cevapi: Grilled minced meat
Sarma: Ground meat mixed with rice before wrapped up in cabbage leaves
Punjene parpike: Capsicum stuffed with beef mince and rice that has been flavoured with paprika
Burek: Traditionally it’s layers of pastry often filled with ground meat and onions, or cheese. But they also can come served as a sweet
Krofne: Serbian doughnuts filled with custards, chocolate, cream, or nothing at all
Palacinke: Crepes that can be served sweet or savoury
Rakija: The Serbian national drink of plum brandy

Where to eat?

Burek and Grill
475a Cabramatta Road
Cabramatta, Sydney

Shop 34/1 Sappho Road
Hometown Complex
Warwick Farm, Sydney

Café Darling
6/220-238 George Street
Liverpool, Sydney

Kenny’s at Bonno
610-618 Elizabeth Drive
Bonnyrigg Sports Club
Bonnyrigg, Sydney

Cevapi Addict
103 George Street
Parramatta, Sydney

Spicciatevi Cevapi Café
4 Tramway Arcade
Rockdale, Sydney

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