At the table with: Rachel Khoo

At the table with: Rachel Khoo

For those who have tuned in on SBS on Thursday nights recently, Rachel Khoo would be a familiar face. But for those who haven’t, British chef and TV personality Khoo was recently in Melbourne filming Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook Melbourne.

Since studying at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Khoo has been hosting six-course dinners and workshops in London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Melbourne, Sydney, and Buenos Aires. She is also the author of a handful of cookbooks including her latest, Rachel Khoo’s Kitchen Notebook.

Who is your inspiration?
When it comes to food my Austrian grandma and my mum played a big role. But inspiration for me comes in all different forms and sizes. Most often or not I find inspiration in the everyday rather than the extraordinary. It can be a simple trip of going to the market and discovering beautiful in season peaches.

What’s currently in your pantry?
I don’t have one. My apartment isn’t big enough for a pantry but I have a cupboard stuffed full with lentils, grains, tins of cherry tomatoes, random spices from travels.

What’s in your fridge?
Lots of different jams, cheese (a Scottish cheddar at the moment), butter, eggs, pickled chillies, butternut squash, kale, greek yoghurt, smoked salmon, polaroid film, nail varnish, face packs, and tonic water.

Best thing to come out of the microwave
I’ve never owned a microwave.

What did you last eat?
Raw dark mint chocolate.

Where do you like to go for a feed?
It really depends where I am in the world and what I fancy eating. London has so much on offer. The other day I went to Duck Soup in Soho and had a delicious meal of grilled mackerel with a side of lemony chilli cannellini bean and spinach. Simple but delicious!

When I’m not cooking, I’m…
Meeting friends at my local pub, going to the cinema, an exhibition, reading a book, surfing. I like to keep it varied. I love food but it doesn’t rule my life.

Butter, margarine, a mix or neither?
Butter of course!

Kitchen tools I can’t live without
A sharp chefs knife and a heat resistant silicone spatula.

Cookbooks I always return to
The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit and Leiths Technique bible

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