In the pantry: Japanese seven spice

In the pantry: Japanese seven spice

Last time we explored Lebanese seven spice, otherwise known as baharat. This time we’ve taken a trip to Japan to check out their version of seven spice. Most likely, you would have come across it eating at your local Japanese restaurant, usually one that’s serving udon or ramen. Otherwise known as shichimi togarashi, the Japanese seven spice translates to seven flavour chilli pepper. The bright red colour that makes up the spice is coarsely grounded red chilli pepper, while the other six ingredients include roasted orange peel, black sesame seed, white sesame seed, hemp seed, ground ginger, nori, and shanho or Japanese pepper.

Recipes using Japanese seven spice

  1.  Japanese spiced sweet potato fries by Healthy Nibbles and Bits
  2.  Shichimi togarashi truffles with sesame seeds by Jules Food
  3.  Shichimi-spiced soba noodles with shredded parsnips by Tangled Noodle

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