Austrian food weiner schnitzel

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Austrian food weiner schnitzel
Veal schnitzel, otherwise known as weiner schnitzel, is a popular Austrian dish.

To the naked eye — or more so palate in this case — German and Austrian cuisine are interchangeable, mainly because Austrian cuisine was so heavily influenced by the Germans, as well as other neighbouring countries including Hungary and Italy. But depending on which part of Austria, the flavour can differ from region to region. For example, Austria’s capital city Vienna has its own cuisine known as Viennese that is highly dependent on meat; while in the southern most state of Austria in Carinthia, there is an abundance of fish, grain, and dairy in their cooking.

What to order?

Brettljause: A ploughman’s lunch consisting of cured meats, cheese, and pickled vegetables.
Weiner schnitzel: Thin crumbed pan-fried cutlet of veal.
Flaker gulasch: A stew made up of different vegetables, except tomatoes, which an ingredient that Hungarians use in their versions. It can sometimes also include fried sausages.
Punschkrapfen: A cake that consists of nougat, chocolate, and apricot jam before it’s soaked with rum.

Where to eat?

The Austrian Schnitzelhaus
2/12 Waters Lane
Neutral Bay, Sydney

Bernard’s Kitchen
3 Ward Place
Dural, Sydney

Das Bierhaus
21/1725 Pittwater Road
Mona Vale, Sydney

Austrian Club Restaurant
20 Gratten Crescent
Frenches Forest, Sydney

Kaiser Stubn
205 Mona Vale Road
Terrey Hills, Sydney

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