Nutritious chia seeds on a wooden spoon

In the pantry: Chia seeds

Nutritious chia seeds on a wooden spoon
Chia seeds has long been used by those in southern Mexico and Guatemala.

The craze over chia seeds has only popped up recently because of so-called recently discovered health benefits and has now been labelled as a ‘superfood’. But chia seeds for centuries have been native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds derive from a plant that is native to the region, and for centuries before that it was consumed by the Aztecs and Mayans as part of their daily diet. These days chia seeds are used for their ability to absorb liquid before transforming into translucent gel-like tapioca balls, as well as for their crunchy texture.

Three recipe ideas using chia seeds:

  1. Strawberry chia seed spread by The Gracious Pantry
  2. Cornmeal and chia seed crusted tilapia by Savouring the Thyme
  3. Overnight chocolate chia seed pudding by Minimalist Baker

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