Garam masala spice mix

In the pantry: Garam masala

Garam masala spice mix
Garam masala is an all-round spice used mainly in North Indian cooking.

This is a common blend of spice used in Indian cooking, especially North Indian. Usually made up of spices including black pepper, cardamom, cumin, and nutmeg, garam masala can contain up to 12 spices. It is is an all-purpose spice blend that adds a warm and sweet flavour to chicken, lamb, fish, rice, or bread, and is often added to a dish towards the end of cooking or sprinkled over a dish.

Recipe ideas using garam masala:

  1. Vegan chana masala by Cookie and Kate
  2. Slow cooker dal makhani by The Novice Housewife
  3. Chicken tikka masala by The Pioneer Woman

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