Brazilian food Purple bean feijoada

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Brazilian food Purple bean feijoada
Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil.

We all know Brazilians know how to party. Take the Carnival of Brazil as a prime example; it’s an exuberant, colourful affair. At the heart of such extravagant parties for any Brazilian is the food.  Much like their parties, Brazilian cuisine is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of Portuguese, African, and native Indian food.

Although like any other country the food varies region by region. For example, in the south of Brazil such as states including Rio de Janeriro and Sao Paulo are heavily influenced by neighbouring countries such as Argentina where churrasco, barbecued meat, is a popular tradition. But further north into states such as to Amazonas, their influences have been drawn from the natives

What should I order?

Feijoada: Considered the country’s national dish of slow cooked beef and pork with black beans
Pao de queijo: Cheese bread
Coxinha: A chicken croquette shaped to resemble a chicken leg
Açai: A refreshing tropical fruit usually had as a smoothie or as a fresh fruit
Caipirinha: The national cocktail made with sugarcane rum known as cachaça, sugar and lime.

Where to eat?

Casa Brasil
77 New Canterbury Road
Petersham, Sydney

Brazuca Bar
49 Sydney Road
Manly, Sydney

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