Dutch Waffles with honey on wooden background

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Dutch Waffles with honey on wooden background
An all time favourite Dutch snack are stroopwafles.

Given that it can get quite cold in The Netherlands, Dutch cuisine is quite hearty consisting usually of some meat and vegetables, in particular potatoes. The Dutch also enjoy seafood with their favourite fish being herring eaten raw or pickled. Cheese is another favoured menu item in any traditional Dutch restaurant, often eaten as part of breakfast – or really anytime of the day. Popular cheeses include gouda and edam. Dutch food has also been influenced by the French, Indonesians, Turkish, Chinese, and Indian.

What to order?

Hollandse nieuwe: Salted raw herring
Stamppot: A stew made up of mashed potatoes with vegetables and meats
Snert: A thick pea soup, sometimes served with rye bread
Kroket: Beef or veal croquettes
Poffertjes: Miniature pancakes
Stroopwafel: A waffle cookie with a caramel-syrup filling in the centre

Where to eat?

Rembrandt Dutch Club
87 Dunheved Circuit
St Marys, Sydney

Holland House
85 Market Street
Smithfield, Sydney

Dutch Poffertjes House
32 Cricketers Arms Road
Prospect, Sydney

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