Dish of Colcannon

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Dish of Colcannon
Colcannon is typical Irish side dish made of mash potatoes and cabbage.

With Ireland being a country rich in history, Irish food has evolved with the social and political changes. At one point farming heavily influenced how the Irish lived and ever since then potatoes, grains, and dairy have become staples in any Irish diet.

What to eat?

Irish stew: Traditionally made up of leftovers in the fridge but commonly made up of stewed lamb, potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley.
Bacon and cabbage: Bacon that has been boiled with cabbage and potatoes
Boxty: Irish potato bread that is often served as a wrap to different fillings
Black pudding: Sausages made from pig’s blood
Colcannon: A side dish made of mash potatoes and cabbage
Soda bread: A popular yeast-free bread

Where to eat?

Cock ‘N Bull
89 Ebley Street
Bondi Junction, Sydney

57 King Street

The Snug Public House
68 Sydney Road
Brunswick, Melbourne

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