Kanelbulle is a Swedish cinnamon roll

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Kanelbulle is a Swedish cinnamon roll
The Swedish are fans of sugary breads scuh as kanelbulle, otherwise known as cinnamon rolls.

Maybe if it weren’t for Ikea, most of Australia would be clueless about what exactly is Swedish cuisine. For most part, the giant retailer paints quite a good picture of what Swedish cuisine is all about. While it’s not something they created, the Swedes do really enjoy sugary breads such as cinnamon buns, and meatballs. This Scandinavian country also know how to enjoy their seafood, in particular preserved and pickled fish such as herring – something in which is popular in the Dutch diet, too – often served with some chat potatoes and sour cream, or salmon on some crisp bread.

Where to order?

Pannakakor: Thin pancakes
Kanelbulle: Cinnamon buns
Kottbullar: Swedish meatballs served in a gravy-like sauce
Knackerbord: Flat crisp bread made usually of rye flour
Smorgasboard: A plate of hot and cold meats, salads, and bread

Where to eat?

Fika Swedish Kitchen
5B Market Lane
Manly, Sydney

Café Svensson
96 Goulburn Street

Miss Maud
97 Murray Street

Swedish Tarts
40 Semaphore Road
Semaphore, Adelaide

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