Community Table looks at couscous in the pantry.

In the pantry: Couscous

Community Table looks at couscous in the pantry.
Couscous is a semolina staple of many recipes in North Africa.

Couscous is a type of semolina, which is a coarsely grounded up wheat used to make pasta and cereal. It has long been a staple in North African cooking such as Moroccan, Libya, Tunisia, and to a lesser extent the Middle East.

To us, these days it’s the answer to quick simple mid-week dinners because it can go so well with stewed meat and vegetables. What we see in the supermarket packed in boxes for almost-instant couscous are pre-cooked, and so they have been steamed and dried.

There’s also another variation to the couscous we know, and that’s sometimes referred to as pearl couscous or Israeli couscous. It’s usually twice in size, and has been toasted rather than dried. With its chewy bite, it’s an ideal add for additional texture in a dish.

Recipe ideas using couscous:

  1. Moroccan couscous tfaya with chickpeas and cranberries by Chef De Home
  2. Moroccan meatball couscous soup by Little Spice Jar
  3. Pressure cooker braised lamb shanks and couscous by Beyond Mere Sustenance

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