Polenta is made from grounded cornmeal.

In the pantry: Polenta

Polenta is made from grounded up cornmeal.
Polenta has been eaten since the days of the Roman.

Polenta has been around since the Roman times but was previously made using various starchy ingredients such as spelt and chickpeas; these days polenta is made from cornmeal. When made right, the canary yellow cornmeal can either be boiled until it’s soft and creamy, or left to set as a solid cake before being baked, grilled, or fried until golden and crisp. To many, polenta is eaten as an accompanying dish to a hearty ragout or as a snack such as chips. However, it can be eaten for breakfast as an alternative to your average oats, too.

Recipe ideas using polenta:

  1. Vanilla and brown sugar breakfast polenta by Brown Eyed Baker
  2. Spinach, sausage and polenta casserole by The Redhead Baker
  3. Polenta pizza bites by Fork & Beans

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