In the pantry: Sesame seeds

black and white sesame seeds isolated on white background
Sesame seeds can come in a range of colours including black, white, red, and yellow.

Nutty, sweet, and buttery are the best ways to describe sesame seeds. Grown widely in India and Asia from a flowering plant, it is one of the oldest condiments known. Available in a host of colours including white, red, black, and yellow, sesame seeds have one of the highest oil content in any seed. It’s widely used in a variety of cuisines including Asian, Mexican, African, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Italian.

Recipe ideas using sesame seeds:

  1. Tahini by Inspired Taste
  2. Vegan sesame seed brittle by Wallflower Girl
  3. Sesame and wasabi seared tuna by The Pescetarian and the Pig

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