Beef with Mushroom bone marrow recipe

Recipe: Grilled flatiron, pickled walnut, bone marrow and horseradish

Celebrity chef Alastair McLeod shares a recipe on how to turn a usual serving of grilled flatiron steak into more than your average meat and three veg dish.

Beef with Mushroom bone marrow recipe
Alastair McLeod’s take on your meat and three veg.

Serves 4

1 flatiron, well trimmed, cut into 4 portions
250 ml beef jus
2 pickled walnuts, chopped
15 button mushrooms, quartered
6 large pieces of bone marrow, purged and chopped
1 small sourdough bread roll chopped and cooked in butter until crisp
1 x 5cm fresh horseradish, peeled
purslane sprigs, optional

Season the flatiron well with salt and pepper and leave at room temperature for one hour. Griddle or cook over charcoal until well sealed and charred lightly. Saute the  mushrooms in a hot pan until golden then combine with pickled walnut, bone marrow and sea salt to taste. Keep this warm.

Cook flatiron on the BBQ for 3-4 minutes each side then cover with foil and rest for 3-4 minutes.

Combine mushroom mix with the crisp-fried breadcrumbs.

Present steak on the plate then arrange mushroom mix over the top. Finish by placing the crisp sourdough pieces on top, a grate of the fresh horseradish and a little jus on and around the dish.

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