Roast mutton

Around the world: Chinese – Xinjiang

Roast mutton
Uyghur favour eating these skewered lambs that are seasoned with cumin, salt, and pepper.

Xinjiang cuisine belongs to the Uyghur minority, a Muslim ethnic group that originated from the northwest border of China. Given that the Xinjiang region is bordered by neighbouring countries including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India border, food from the area is characterised by lamb, beef, and chicken, and is halal.

What to eat?

Shou La Mien: Handmade noodles that have been stretched, boiled and then stir fried with meat and vegetables
Kawap: Skewered lambs on mini swords and have been seasoned with a mix of cumin, salt, and pepper
Dapanji: This translates to ‘big plate chicken’ and is a stew of spiced chicken, potatoes, onions, capsicum, cumin, star anise
Goshnan: Meat pie usually filled with either lamb or beef

Where to eat?

Uighur Cuisine
1/2-8 Dixon Street
Haymarket, Sydney

Xin Jiang
205 Liverpool Road
Ashfield, Sydney

Lao Hui Min
193 Burwood Road
Burwood, Sydney

Xiao’s Noodle Bar
11 The Crescent
Fairfield, Sydney

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