Japanese deep fried pork "Tonkatsu"

In the pantry: Panko

Japanese deep fried pork "Tonkatsu"
Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb commonly used in recipes such as tonkatsu.

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb made usually with white bread that has been processed into flakes and then dried. If the panko is looking a little tan, it just means a whole loaf of bread – crust included – has been processed. It can be used for any kind of deep-frying, giving any dish a light, airy, and crispy texture. These days it is also commonly used to add crunch to other non dishes such as macaroni and cheese, or used for thickening stews.

Recipe ideas using panko:

  1. Miso katsu by La Fuji Mama
  2. Baked panko crusted sriracha cod by Food with Family
  3. Spicy panko chickpea patties by Tori Avey

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