Japanese deep fried pork "Tonkatsu"

In the pantry: Panko

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb made usually with white bread that has been processed into flakes and then dried. If the panko is looking a little tan, it just means a whole loaf of bread – crust included – has been processed. It can be used for any kind of deep-frying, giving any dish a light, airy, and crispy texture. These days it is also … Continue reading In the pantry: Panko

Roast mutton

Around the world: Chinese – Xinjiang

Xinjiang cuisine belongs to the Uyghur minority, a Muslim ethnic group that originated from the northwest border of China. Given that the Xinjiang region is bordered by neighbouring countries including Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India border, food from the area is characterised by lamb, beef, and chicken, and is halal. What to eat? Shou La Mien: Handmade noodles that have been … Continue reading Around the world: Chinese – Xinjiang

rolled oats

In the pantry: Oats

Come winter time, oats is one of the most favoured breakfast cereal grains, mainly because it’s comforting and warming to the soul. But for many people, there is only one type of oats. In reality though, there are a few different types of oats: steel cut, rolled, and quick. Here’s a low-down on how they differ: Steel cut oats: Sometimes also referred to as Irish oats, … Continue reading In the pantry: Oats

Kibbeh is a type of Syrian food.

Around the world: Syrian

Syrian cuisine is much like the first cousin of Turkish and Lebanese cuisine, mainly because it was so heavily influenced by the Ottoman Empire. This means they’re huge fans of tangy, salty, and sour flavours. One of the many highlights of Syrian food is their version of tapas known as mezza, which refers to a generous serving of small dishes such as dips or salad. … Continue reading Around the world: Syrian

Brazilian food Purple bean feijoada

Around the world: Brazilian

We all know Brazilians know how to party. Take the Carnival of Brazil as a prime example; it’s an exuberant, colourful affair. At the heart of such extravagant parties for any Brazilian is the food.  Much like their parties, Brazilian cuisine is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of Portuguese, African, and native Indian food. Although like any other country the food varies region by … Continue reading Around the world: Brazilian