Dutch Waffles with honey on wooden background

Around the world: Dutch

Given that it can get quite cold in The Netherlands, Dutch cuisine is quite hearty consisting usually of some meat and vegetables, in particular potatoes. The Dutch also enjoy seafood with their favourite fish being herring eaten raw or pickled. Cheese is another favoured menu item in any traditional Dutch restaurant, often eaten as part of breakfast – or really anytime of the day. Popular … Continue reading Around the world: Dutch

pasteis de nata, typical Portuguese egg tart pastries

Around the world: Portuguese

Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean. Common ingredients that form of the basis of most Portuguese cooking include olive oil, garlic, and fresh herbs such as coriander and parsley. Given that the country has a well developed fishing industry, fish and seafood make it to the table too whether it’s fried, grilled, boiled, or stewed. Meats such as pork and chicken are favourites, … Continue reading Around the world: Portuguese

Raw quinoa seeds

In the pantry: Quinoa

Recently, quinoa has been the grain to eat mainly for its high protein content, and it is now a common gluten-free substitute for pasta, rice, or couscous. But people in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia have been eating it for decades. This ancient grain comes from a crop primarily grown for its edible seeds. It’s so versatile because it’s fluffy, creamy, crunchy, and nutty. The … Continue reading In the pantry: Quinoa

Austrian food weiner schnitzel

Around the world: Austrian

To the naked eye — or more so palate in this case — German and Austrian cuisine are interchangeable, mainly because Austrian cuisine was so heavily influenced by the Germans, as well as other neighbouring countries including Hungary and Italy. But depending on which part of Austria, the flavour can differ from region to region. For example, Austria’s capital city Vienna has its own cuisine … Continue reading Around the world: Austrian

Bavarian pretzel

Around the world: German

Germans bring meaning to ‘comfort food’ with their insatiable appetite for all kinds of meat, but mainly pork, beef, and chicken. They enjoy braising it, and sometimes pan-frying. But their most favoured way to enjoy their meats is in sausage form. The varieties of sausages are almost endless, depending on the combination of meats and spices, and whether it’s smoked, parboiled, or grilled. The Italians … Continue reading Around the world: German