Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche recipe

Recipe: Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche

Executive chef of Sokyo Chase Kojima shares a recipe kingfish ceviche recipe that will inspire anyone to bring a piece of fine dining Japanese into their home. Serves 2 80 g kingfish, thinly sliced 5 g green chilli, sliced 5 g red onion, sliced, blanched in ice water and strained 20 g desiree potato, sliced with mandolin, wash then dry, fried at 130°C till crispy … Continue reading Recipe: Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche

Lentils are a type of legume

In the pantry: Lentils

Given the high protein and fibre content in these legumes, lentils are often a core staple to any vegetarian’s diet. It can be stewed, boiled, or eaten cold mixed in with a salad. In certain cuisines it’s also used for desserts. It is believed these nutritionally good-for-you seeds originate from a plant grown in Asia. But it’s not only used by the Chinese, people in … Continue reading In the pantry: Lentils

Dish of Colcannon

Around the world: Irish

With Ireland being a country rich in history, Irish food has evolved with the social and political changes. At one point farming heavily influenced how the Irish lived and ever since then potatoes, grains, and dairy have become staples in any Irish diet. What to eat? Irish stew: Traditionally made up of leftovers in the fridge but commonly made up of stewed lamb, potatoes, carrots, … Continue reading Around the world: Irish

Chicken karaage recipe by Tetsuya Wakuda

Recipe: Chicken karaage

Highly-awarded Australian chef Tetsuya Wakuda shares an easy recipe on to quickly do up some good old crispy deep fried chicken. 500 g skinless boneless chicken thigh each thigh cut into 5-6 pieces 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 20 g grated ginger 20 ml sake 25 ml soy sauce 35 ml mirin 1 teaspoon dark sesame oil Plain flour for dusting Grape seed oil … Continue reading Recipe: Chicken karaage

In the pantry: Sesame seeds

Nutty, sweet, and buttery are the best ways to describe sesame seeds. Grown widely in India and Asia from a flowering plant, it is one of the oldest condiments known. Available in a host of colours including white, red, black, and yellow, sesame seeds have one of the highest oil content in any seed. It’s widely used in a variety of cuisines including Asian, Mexican, … Continue reading In the pantry: Sesame seeds