rolled oats

In the pantry: Oats

Come winter time, oats is one of the most favoured breakfast cereal grains, mainly because it’s comforting and warming to the soul. But for many people, there is only one type of oats. In reality though, there are a few different types of oats: steel cut, rolled, and quick. Here’s a low-down on how they differ: Steel cut oats: Sometimes also referred to as Irish oats, … Continue reading In the pantry: Oats

Eddie Pektuzun, Real Turkish Delight owner.

Ediz Pektuzun stirs up memories of Turkey at Real Turkish Delight

There are only a handful of Turkish delight brands out there; the most recognisable to many Australian households is packaged up in a white box labelled ‘Turkish Delight’, and bordered with a red and golden Turkish motif. The Pektuzun family have been the ones behind the business since they started, Real Turkish Delight or RT Delight, in 1974 producing these boxes of lokum, Turkish delight, … Continue reading Ediz Pektuzun stirs up memories of Turkey at Real Turkish Delight

Dutch Waffles with honey on wooden background

Around the world: Dutch

Given that it can get quite cold in The Netherlands, Dutch cuisine is quite hearty consisting usually of some meat and vegetables, in particular potatoes. The Dutch also enjoy seafood with their favourite fish being herring eaten raw or pickled. Cheese is another favoured menu item in any traditional Dutch restaurant, often eaten as part of breakfast – or really anytime of the day. Popular … Continue reading Around the world: Dutch

Nutritious chia seeds on a wooden spoon

In the pantry: Chia seeds

The craze over chia seeds has only popped up recently because of so-called recently discovered health benefits and has now been labelled as a ‘superfood’. But chia seeds for centuries have been native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds derive from a plant that is native to the region, and for centuries before that it was consumed by the Aztecs and Mayans as part of … Continue reading In the pantry: Chia seeds

Austrian food weiner schnitzel

Around the world: Austrian

To the naked eye — or more so palate in this case — German and Austrian cuisine are interchangeable, mainly because Austrian cuisine was so heavily influenced by the Germans, as well as other neighbouring countries including Hungary and Italy. But depending on which part of Austria, the flavour can differ from region to region. For example, Austria’s capital city Vienna has its own cuisine … Continue reading Around the world: Austrian