Kaisern Ching on Din Tai Fung to building Chefs Gallery

Kaisern Ching may have started his career with Macquarie Bank, but these days he’s constantly thinking about how to impress his diners at Chefs Gallery. Ching founded Chefs Gallery shortly a year after bringing Tapei’s first Din Tai Fung restaurant to Australia just over six years ago. He said after moving from Singapore to Australia he realised Australia’s definition of Chinese food was partial, with … Continue reading Kaisern Ching on Din Tai Fung to building Chefs Gallery

At the table with: Serge Dansereau

The Bathers’ Pavillon in Balmoral Beach is a Sydney institution when it comes to the brunch scene. The man behind the creation is owner and chef Serge Dansereau, who originally was from Montreal, Canada. Dansereau is also the author of several cookbooks, including Summer Food, The Bathers’ Pavillon Cafe, and Seasonal Kitchen. Who is your inspiration? Alain Ducasse is definitively a friend, and a guiding … Continue reading At the table with: Serge Dansereau

Mum’s story: Why she knows best


Before jumping into sharing the stories of others. I wanted to first off introduce my personal story and what influenced me to create Community Table. Born to refugee parents as a first generation Chinese/Lao/Cambodian Australian, I have long been spoiled by food, whether it’s a mid-week dinner at home or a special occasion like Chinese New Year. But whatever the reason, food has always been a topic of discussion and the person behind these creations has been my mum, Mu Ly Chanthadavong – and this is her story. Continue reading “Mum’s story: Why she knows best”