Jabaida Juthi channels creativity in the kitchen

She’s a mum, a seamstress, a volunteer, a school principal, and now Jubaida Juthi has turned from being a home cook to a stallholder at the local Lakemba markets in Sydney selling her homemade Bangladeshi chutneys and pickles. Juthi said the pickles and chutneys made from ingredients including tomatoes, apples, and mangoes are what she’d often serve to family and friends when they come over … Continue reading Jabaida Juthi channels creativity in the kitchen

Around the world: Bangladeshi

Often easily mistaken as Indian food, Bangladeshi cuisine in its own right is made up of diverse and complex flavours. While Indian cuisine does influence Bangladeshi food, so does Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian flavours, too. This explains why rice, fish, and dal are the main staples of Bangladesh. They also often use ghee, turmeric, garlic, chilli powder, ginger, and cumin and mustard seeds in … Continue reading Around the world: Bangladeshi