Exploring diversity: Thang Ngo’s Sydney food crawl

A favourite pastime for Thang Ngo when he was still living in Vietnam was eating, whether it was pho, pork rolls, sticky rice, or bun bo hue*. “Food was everywhere and anytime,” he said. He also learnt very quickly at a young age his tastebuds were not accustomed to the bitterness of  bittermelon stuffed with pork mince, vermicelli, and mushroom, but since then, with his palette more matured, … Continue reading Exploring diversity: Thang Ngo’s Sydney food crawl

Mum’s story: Why she knows best


Before jumping into sharing the stories of others. I wanted to first off introduce my personal story and what influenced me to create Community Table. Born to refugee parents as a first generation Chinese/Lao/Cambodian Australian, I have long been spoiled by food, whether it’s a mid-week dinner at home or a special occasion like Chinese New Year. But whatever the reason, food has always been a topic of discussion and the person behind these creations has been my mum, Mu Ly Chanthadavong – and this is her story. Continue reading “Mum’s story: Why she knows best”