Nutritious chia seeds on a wooden spoon

In the pantry: Chia seeds

The craze over chia seeds has only popped up recently because of so-called recently discovered health benefits and has now been labelled as a ‘superfood’. But chia seeds for centuries have been native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Chia seeds derive from a plant that is native to the region, and for centuries before that it was consumed by the Aztecs and Mayans as part of … Continue reading In the pantry: Chia seeds

In the pantry: Cardamom

The saying, a little goes a long way, applies fittingly when it comes to using cardamom in cooking. Whether in the form of a pod, seed, or grounded up, cardamom have citrus and sweet notes, as well as menthol and floral undertones. It often complements other spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and other aromatic spices. It’s also the third largest most expensive spice after … Continue reading In the pantry: Cardamom

In the pantry: Coriander seed

Coriander is considered to be one of the oldest spices. Known for its warm, spicy, and citrus flavour, coriander seeds, naturally are the seeds of the coriander plant. But unlike its herb form, which can sometimes be criticised for its strong flavour, the seed is a lot subtler, and often works as a great a complementary to cumin, or as an alternative. Whether bought as … Continue reading In the pantry: Coriander seed

In the pantry: Cumin

For those that enjoy an Indian curry every now and then, there was a likely chance that cumin was an ingredient. Native to India, as well as Mexico and the Middle East, cumin is a seed of a plant that comes from the parsley family. It’s often used in dishes for its peppery and slightly nutty notes. It is also particularly complementary to lamb. But not … Continue reading In the pantry: Cumin

In the pantry: Star Anise

There is a likely chance that if you’ve ever bitten into one of these numb-chuck looking spices, the reaction to your tastebuds would have been rather squirmish due its bitter liquorice-like flavour. But when used in Asian cooking, mainly Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines, for broths and stews it can add a hint of aniseed flavour, where the harshness of the spice is often dispelled. … Continue reading In the pantry: Star Anise