In the pantry: Paprika

Punchy in colour, and pungent in flavour, paprika is grinded dried red capsicum. Initially, paprika was used mainly in Hungarian cooking but its popularity now extends to being used as seasoning, but also to add colour in cuisines including Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Moroccan. There are variations of the spice from mild to spicy. When mild, it’s often quite sweet and bright in colour. It … Continue reading In the pantry: Paprika

In the pantry: Fennel seed

At first glance it could be easily mistaken for cumin seeds, but the aroma and flavour is completely different, plus it’s slightly greener in colour. Much like the herb, fennel seeds have an aniseed flavour, as well as a slightly sweet aroma. The uses of fennel seeds have dated long back into Asian, such as in five spice, and Indian cooking, but have been embraced by … Continue reading In the pantry: Fennel seed