In the pantry: Cloves

Native to Indonesia, cloves are tiny dried aromatic flower buds that come from clove trees. When used for cooking, people use it for its sweet, but peppery aromatics. Available either grounded or whole, the spice can be used for sweet or savoury, for meats, and even drinks (think mulled wine). However, even though it may appear like a tiny nail it should be used in … Continue reading In the pantry: Cloves

In the pantry: Five spice

As the name suggests, five spice does have five spices. It’s often a blend of ground star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seed, but it could also include turmeric, nutmeg, or ground ginger. While it’s a combination of all, the star anise aroma dominates quite a lot of the flavour, but the fennel seed and the earthiness of the cinnamon softens it. It’s … Continue reading In the pantry: Five spice