Japanese deep fried pork "Tonkatsu"

In the pantry: Panko

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb made usually with white bread that has been processed into flakes and then dried. If the panko is looking a little tan, it just means a whole loaf of bread – crust included – has been processed. It can be used for any kind of deep-frying, giving any dish a light, airy, and crispy texture. These days it is also … Continue reading In the pantry: Panko

Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche recipe

Recipe: Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche

Executive chef of Sokyo Chase Kojima shares a recipe kingfish ceviche recipe that will inspire anyone to bring a piece of fine dining Japanese into their home. Serves 2 80 g kingfish, thinly sliced 5 g green chilli, sliced 5 g red onion, sliced, blanched in ice water and strained 20 g desiree potato, sliced with mandolin, wash then dry, fried at 130°C till crispy … Continue reading Recipe: Sokyo hiramasa kingfish miso ceviche

Chase Kojima chef of Sokyo

At the table with: Chase Kojima

Chef and restauranteur Chase Kojima has been making headlines in Australia since opening his own restaurant Sokyo at The Star in Sydney. Born and raised in San Francisco, Kojima grew up working at the family kitchen that served up traditional Japanese food. All before hitting 30, he has also headed up kitchens of the Nobu restaurant group in Las Vegas, Dubai, London, and LA. Who … Continue reading At the table with: Chase Kojima