Ocean trout sashimi recipe

Recipe: Sashimi of ocean trout with ponzu

est. Restaurant executive head chef Peter Doyle shares an ocean trout sashimi recipe that will make you rethink how to appreciate a piece of good and fresh fish. Serves 8 600 g ocean trout fillet, cleaned, sliced 2 pink grapefruit, peeled, segmented 20 g wasabi root, scraped 1 red chilli, seeded, finely diced ½ telegraph cucumber, peeled, batons 2 tablespoons ocean trout roe 1 tablespoon … Continue reading Recipe: Sashimi of ocean trout with ponzu

Sydney chef Tetsuya Wakuda

At the table with: Tetsuya Wakuda

Owner and operator of one of Sydney’s most highly-regarded restaurants Tetsuya’s Restaurant is Tetsuya Wakuda. He is known for dishing out traditional Japanese dishes using French techniques that he learned in the kitchen from Sydney chef Tony Bilson. He is also the owner of a restaurant in Singapore, Waku Ghin, which he opened in 2010 as part of the Mariana Bay Sands complex. In addition … Continue reading At the table with: Tetsuya Wakuda

In the pantry: Japanese seven spice

Last time we explored Lebanese seven spice, otherwise known as baharat. This time we’ve taken a trip to Japan to check out their version of seven spice. Most likely, you would have come across it eating at your local Japanese restaurant, usually one that’s serving udon or ramen. Otherwise known as shichimi togarashi, the Japanese seven spice translates to seven flavour chilli pepper. The bright … Continue reading In the pantry: Japanese seven spice

Around the world: Japanese

The most common reaction people have to Japanese food is that they often immediately think sushi and sashimi. This is mainly because fish is such a staple when it comes to Japanese cuisine, and while it can be served raw, the Japanese also enjoy it grilled. The other thing the Japanese rely on is fresh ingredients, and are known to favour seasonal produces when cooking. … Continue reading Around the world: Japanese