How Fouad Kassab rose from humble beginnings

“Our food is about built-in inherit equality,” said Fouad Kassab as he tries to describe what makes Lebanese food unique. He went on to say that unlike “newly formed cuisines” such as the way Americans and Australians eat “where there’s a massive amount of abundance, but not too high of a quality”, Lebanese food is about “maximisation, equality, and extracting the most amount of flavour … Continue reading How Fouad Kassab rose from humble beginnings

Around the world: Lebanese

Lebanese food has to be one of the most vibrant and freshest cuisines. Originating from the influences of Syria, it is always prepared with generous amounts of parsley, garlic, olive oil, lemon for added zing, and a touch of love. The cuisine also favours poultry and red meats, such as lamb. Other staples include rice, beans, and nuts. What to order? Fattoush: Salad with toasted … Continue reading Around the world: Lebanese