Brazilian food Purple bean feijoada

Around the world: Brazilian

We all know Brazilians know how to party. Take the Carnival of Brazil as a prime example; it’s an exuberant, colourful affair. At the heart of such extravagant parties for any Brazilian is the food.  Much like their parties, Brazilian cuisine is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of Portuguese, African, and native Indian food. Although like any other country the food varies region by … Continue reading Around the world: Brazilian

Kanelbulle is a Swedish cinnamon roll

Around the world: Swedish

Maybe if it weren’t for Ikea, most of Australia would be clueless about what exactly is Swedish cuisine. For most part, the giant retailer paints quite a good picture of what Swedish cuisine is all about. While it’s not something they created, the Swedes do really enjoy sugary breads such as cinnamon buns, and meatballs. This Scandinavian country also know how to enjoy their seafood, … Continue reading Around the world: Swedish

Beef with Mushroom bone marrow recipe

Recipe: Grilled flatiron, pickled walnut, bone marrow and horseradish

Celebrity chef Alastair McLeod shares a recipe on how to turn a usual serving of grilled flatiron steak into more than your average meat and three veg dish. Serves 4 1 flatiron, well trimmed, cut into 4 portions 250 ml beef jus 2 pickled walnuts, chopped 15 button mushrooms, quartered 6 large pieces of bone marrow, purged and chopped 1 small sourdough bread roll chopped … Continue reading Recipe: Grilled flatiron, pickled walnut, bone marrow and horseradish