In the pantry: Cumin

For those that enjoy an Indian curry every now and then, there was a likely chance that cumin was an ingredient. Native to India, as well as Mexico and the Middle East, cumin is a seed of a plant that comes from the parsley family. It’s often used in dishes for its peppery and slightly nutty notes. It is also particularly complementary to lamb. But not … Continue reading In the pantry: Cumin

In the pantry: Star Anise

There is a likely chance that if you’ve ever bitten into one of these numb-chuck looking spices, the reaction to your tastebuds would have been rather squirmish due its bitter liquorice-like flavour. But when used in Asian cooking, mainly Vietnamese and Southeast Asian cuisines, for broths and stews it can add a hint of aniseed flavour, where the harshness of the spice is often dispelled. … Continue reading In the pantry: Star Anise

In the pantry: Five spice

As the name suggests, five spice does have five spices. It’s often a blend of ground star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seed, but it could also include turmeric, nutmeg, or ground ginger. While it’s a combination of all, the star anise aroma dominates quite a lot of the flavour, but the fennel seed and the earthiness of the cinnamon softens it. It’s … Continue reading In the pantry: Five spice