Sydney restauranteur Pauline Nguyen

At the table with: Pauline Nguyen

Pauline Nguyen is a restauranteur, author, public speaker, and mentor. She’s best known as making up one-third of Red Lantern, one of Sydney’s most popular Vietnamese restaurant, with her younger brother Luke Nguyen and husband Mark Jensen. At one point she also shared the story of how her family immigrated as refugees to Australia in a memoir Secrets of the Red Lantern. Nguyen’s latest project … Continue reading At the table with: Pauline Nguyen

In the pantry: Kaffir lime leaves

In the pantry: Kaffir lime leaves

Much as the name suggests these leaves originate off the citrus trees of kaffir limes, a plant native to tropical Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. But unlike normal lime leaves, kaffir limes are thicker and more aromatic, which means not too many leaves are needed to give a zesty punch to a dish. The leaves are often when used in stews, curries, and stir-fries. … Continue reading In the pantry: Kaffir lime leaves

Around the world: Burmese

Burmese food often centralises around rice, and what dishes can be had with it. This can vary from meat, fish, and vegetable dishes, as well as curries. Given that the country is bordered by India, China, and Thailand, there are hints of each culture’s food present in Burmese cooking. For example, the Burmese have their own version of Indian dosas and byriani. At the same time, they enjoy … Continue reading Around the world: Burmese

Around the world: Bangladeshi

Often easily mistaken as Indian food, Bangladeshi cuisine in its own right is made up of diverse and complex flavours. While Indian cuisine does influence Bangladeshi food, so does Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian flavours, too. This explains why rice, fish, and dal are the main staples of Bangladesh. They also often use ghee, turmeric, garlic, chilli powder, ginger, and cumin and mustard seeds in … Continue reading Around the world: Bangladeshi