Why cooking good food is enough for Adrian Graham

Many people think it’s every chef’s dream to work in a Michelin Star restaurant or to own one. At one point Adrian Graham, 32, thought about it but soon realised it wasn’t for him. Instead, Graham, who’s currently on a working visa from the UK, is pretty content with working in the kitchen of the Riverview Hotel located in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Balmain. “I … Continue reading Why cooking good food is enough for Adrian Graham

Around the world: Mexican

There’s Tex-Mex, and then there’s authentic Mexican food, which is always fresh, colourful, and light. Key staples to Mexican cooking are corn, beans, and chilli, but meats including beef, pork, goat, and chicken also play a large role. Many of the dishes that we know about Mexican food have been defined by street food, such as tacos, quesadillas, tamales, and tortas. But depending on which … Continue reading Around the world: Mexican

Around the world: Korean

The cornerstone of Korean cuisine is rice, vegetables, and meats. Sounds basic enough, right? But for every meal Koreans are always after a balance of spice, texture, and temperature. Often accompanying the main meals are pan-fried pancakes, and banchan, otherwise known as side dishes, and this can range from pickled, marinated, or parboiled vegetables, which are for communal sharing at a table. Some would say … Continue reading Around the world: Korean

Mum’s story: Why she knows best


Before jumping into sharing the stories of others. I wanted to first off introduce my personal story and what influenced me to create Community Table. Born to refugee parents as a first generation Chinese/Lao/Cambodian Australian, I have long been spoiled by food, whether it’s a mid-week dinner at home or a special occasion like Chinese New Year. But whatever the reason, food has always been a topic of discussion and the person behind these creations has been my mum, Mu Ly Chanthadavong – and this is her story. Continue reading “Mum’s story: Why she knows best”